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All goods sold in this catagory are sold without any warrantee or guarantee whatsoever. The successful bidder will be given an opportunity to inspect and test the goods before making payment, but there will be no refunds, for any reason, once payment has been made and the goods have left our premises.


Sold Sign, Swinging

Lot 400 :                               Starting Bid £1,250 No VAT on this lot

A Lansing 'H25D' diesel forklift truck at 2500kg capacity, with triplex mast, side shift and extension forks, approx. 12 years of age.


Lot 401 :                   Starting Bid £100 - No VAT on this lot

A self-service ice cream refrigerator, with
two sliding glass doors on top, three hunging/lift out
baskets inside. On wheels and easily mobile.