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I confirm that I have read the following terms & conditions on which I am bidding, and I do hereby accept all that is contained therein.

Terms & Conditions
  1. The bidding shall be regulated by Centaur Auctions in such a manor as we may think fit and Centaur Auctions may, without giving any reason, refuse to accept any or all bid(s) and to refuse to deal with an individual or company.
  2. Acceptance of a bid(s) by confirmation e-mail does not make a legally binding contract between Centaur Auctions and the Bidder. Centaur Auctions or the successful bidder, may at any time prior to the payment of the purchase invoice, withdrawer their interest in the matter. In the event of a dispute between centaur Auctions and the successful bidder, but prior to the payment of the purchase invoice, Centaur Auctions may at their discretion put up again for sale the lot or lots.
  3. The Buyer will pay to Centaur Auctions a Buyers Premium being a percentage of the ‘Bid Price’ plus VAT at the current applicable rate. The premium is not negotiable and is currently 20%. The buyer agrees that Centaur Auctions, when acting as agent for the Vendor, may also receive a commission from the Vendor.
  4. The description given with the Lot is provided for identification purposes only. The purchaser must satisfy himself by inspection or otherwise as to the correctness of the Lot statements, and neither the Vendor nor Centaur Auctions shall in any circumstances be liable to or to compensate the purchaser.
  5. The goods will be made available to the successful bidder for inspection, but they are sold and taken as they lie with all faults and defects. Neither the Vendor of any lot nor Centaur Auctions make or give, any representation or undertaking, express or implied with respect  to the condition, quantity, measurements, capacity, performance or quality of any goods comprised in any lot, their fitness for any or any particular purpose or their correspondence with description or sample, all of which are hereby expressly excluded. No. lots in the auction are sold as new.
  6. The Buyer must settle the full amount of his invoice for the goods purchased within the time stated. Payment may be made in cash or by a cheque up to the limit of a supporting cheque guarantee card. Centaur Auctions will not in any circumstances accept a cheque above such limit unless prior arrangements have been made with them. Payment may be made by Bankers Draft or Building Society cheque. Payment may be made by credit or charge card subject to a transaction charge of 2% of the amount paid for credit card transactions.
  7. All lots shall remain the property of the Vendors until paid for in full. On full settlement of the Buyers invoice the whole of the lots must be cleared and taken away at the Buyer’s expense in such order as Centaur Auctions shall direct; and if lots remain on the premises beyond the clearance time allocated, the Buyer may be liable to storage, insurance and handling charges; and the goods may be left outside the premises at the Buyer’s own risk in all respects.
  8. If the Buyer shall make default in payment of his purchase money or neglect to comply with these conditions or any of them, all money paid by him or his agents at the time of sale, shall be forfeited to centaur Auctions of the Vendor, who shall be at liberty to re-sale the lot(s) at such time or times as we may think proper and without notice to the party or parties making default either by public sale, internet sale,  or private contract, and the deficiency (if any) occasioned by such re-sale together with all expenses attending the same shall immediately be paid by the purchaser or purchasers making default or neglecting to comply with these conditions and in case of non-payment thereof the same shall be recoverable as and for the liquidated damages.
  9. Where motor vehicles are sold, they are sold on the basis that any indication of the vehicle’s mileage given by Centaur Auctions, is not warranted and may well be inaccurate. The Buyer must satisfy himself that the vehicle is in road worthy condition with the proper excise duties and certificates, before he places the vehicle on a public road or highway.
  10. HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ETC ACT 1974 – It is expressly brought to the bidders attention that at the time of sale any item of plant, machinery, or equipment contained in the lot(s) may not necessarily comply with the above Act or any other Act or Acts or regulations thereunder governing the use of that plant, machinery, or equipment in a working environment. Successful bidders for any such plant, machinery, or equipment are hereby required to ensure that the use of any such plant and equipment at a place of work within the United Kingdom does not contravene such relevant Act or Regulation.